8 Great Signs Of A Successful Entrepreneur

There are advantages and disadvantages to a successful entrepreneur.

Here are the signs you are turning into a successful entrepreneur.

1. 24 Hours in a day seems not enough

Every day you finish tasks but is seems like mountains of work are still unclimbed. Take a look back and reflect.

I appreciate that you are taking productivity leaps. Be amazed that time flies fast for you; time, they say, is faster when you are busy and having fun. It is a sign that you are slowly climbing the Mt. Everest of dreams.

Maybe you could turn a 60-minute hour into a 48-minute hour. But you’ll need a customized 30-hour watch. Good luck in finding that.

2. Sleeping is a Luxury for a Successful Entrepreneur

You think sleeping is a luxury because you’ll be ending up sleeping forever when you are dead anyway. It is a sign that you are making sacrifices today for tomorrow.

Experts say that people who defy the 8-hour sleep are naturally intelligent and, by nature, defy the norms that they grew up with. Most likely, they’ll break the barrier. The barrier that blocks dreams into reality dream.

3. Self-development and education are necessities

successful entrepreneurs

The most notable distinction between living and inanimate things is that the former maintain itself by renewal. This renewal is a necessity for turning dreams into reality. Don’t need renewal?

Then why is your dream still an imaginable thing and not a lifestyle? Education is a key in maintaining renewal; reinventing yourselves to change for the better. If you don’t see self-development as a necessity, don’t expect your dreams coming true. You are an inanimate object.

4. You embrace uncertainty toward your vision

When you are willing to fail and embrace the repercussions of your actions. Good job! You are on the right track. What is the right track towards turning dreams into reality?

Heck, it isn’t a straight line!

It’s a doodle line – a line resembling freehand lines by a 2-year old kid – bringing uncertainty into the mix. There is no plan, only a path – a path of making the right choices towards your vision in the face of uncertainty and emotional uppercut right at your chin.

5. You help people achieve their dreams

You always hear that you should network with like-minded people to be successful. True. Let’s amp it up even more! Connecting with people to helping them realize their dreams will be more fulfilling than that of networking for your own selfish needs. One sign that you are realizing a dream is being a leader that influences others. You help others achieve their dreams, they help you achieve yours. Sounds better right?

6. You hold yourself accountable

If you believe in no excuses, Hell yeah! You are on your way to living your dreams. Holding yourself accountable on everything that happens will accelerate your path towards your dream.

You don’t waste your time hiding your mistakes. Instead, you gladly accept it and use it as motivation to do better.

Being accountable to your actions reflects that you have an intrinsic motivation to find what’s best for you. When this happens, you hold yourself to a higher standard to achieve your dreams.

7. You have a system to do small things

The obvious way to achieve dreams is to set goals. Most of the time they don’t reach it. People get overwhelmed by the numerous tasks you need to do to achieve it. Plus, goals assume that you can predict the future.

Well, you can’t fully predict it and that’s why goals are not a better fit to achieve dreams.

People who have systems for little things do. Which is easier: Save 52,000 in a year or save 1,000 a week? Write 52 articles a year or write an article every Sunday? Goals are for short term success and proven systems are for the long haul.

8. You don’t “work smarter not harder” but “work harder and smarter”

The “work smarter not harder” attitude is a myth for people who want to achieve their dreams.

This old cliché is used by many but sadly, this attitude won’t get past that hurdle. The hurdle also needs hard work for people to get past it. Imagine working smarter and harder.

Better than that “work smarter but not hard” right? Think of famous entrepreneurs – Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, and the likes – would you think they just used their smarts? They accentuated their smarts with hard work!

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