UP MBA Application: Best Advice for Aspirants

This UP MBA Application was published on August 7, 2012, and updated on March 22, 2020. 

My UP MBA Application last 2012

Some say that the UP MBA application in Cesar E.A. Virata School of Business at the University of the Philippines Diliman (UPD) is the most grueling MBA application in the Philippines. Having endured the UP MBA application process myself, I think there could no other MBA application process that can be more tasking than the one in UP Diliman.

Imagine, applicants at least take two entrance examinations in just two months. If they are unlucky, they try their luck in three tests.

UP MBA Application
UP MBA Program in UP Diliman College of Business Administration | Cesar Virata School of Business

The first of the series of exams in the UP MBA Application is the UP Graduate Program Admission Test (GPAT).

GPAT consists of logic, reading comprehension, quantitative analysis. If you landed in this article seeking a reviewer, I made a reviewer which you can download below:

There is no clear cut way to review for this admission test. I relied heavily on the online resources to prepare for the GPAT. When I learned that GPAT is very similar to the GMAT (the equivalent of GPAT in the United States), I immediately went to a nearby National Bookstore to grab a GMAT reviewer. I really didn’t want to flunk this exam so I reviewed over and over to leave no stones unturned.

After the GPAT, I wasn’t so sure if I would pass, though I had a feeling that I will. However, the “right minus a fraction of a wrong” rule on this UP MBA application exam resulted in doubts that I could fail due to the deductions I incurred.

Finally, results came out and I was conditionally accepted in the UP MBA Program.

What a relief!

I would take “conditionally passed” any day, though I still need to take a proficiency test to be fully admitted to the MBA program.

At this point, I knew this UP MBA Application is tough. Exams after exams. Review after review. I said to myself back then, “when will this gonna end?”

I had no idea what are the questions in the qualitative part of the proficiency exam of the UP MBA application. I sought a friend, who has taken the proficiency exam previously, for specific topics covered in the proficiency test.
I learned that the qualitative part consists of questions in the field of Calculus, Algebra, Statistics, and Finance.

I practice Statistics in my consulting job while I regularly do some Finance in my regular day job. I wasn’t surprised that I passed the Statistics and Finance part of the proficiency test.

Because I don’t remember any of my accounting way back in college, I wasn’t expecting that I would pass the Financial Accounting section of the test. However, I felt that I would breeze through Algebra and Calculus questions, but I embarrassingly failed both.

Luckily, the Cesar E.A Virata School of Business (Formerly College of Business Administration) conducts workshops for applicants willing to retake the exam. I only attended the workshops for Financial Accounting, Algebra, and Calculus. For Statistics and Finance, I wouldn’t need to retake both since I passed these tests.

A grueling UP MBA application indeed!

Attending the workshops caused adjustments in my work-life balance. The schedule for the workshops includes Saturday classes and weekday night classes (6 PM-9 PM). It brought drastic changes in how I spend my time after office hours, 5 PM.

Before the workshops, I usually spent time after work partying and sometimes doing some project involvements. But when MBA workshops started, I was forced to attend classes. At first, the feeling was weird. That was the first time I attended a formal class after my undergraduate degree. The last time I was in a classroom was six years ago!

But the sacrifice was worth it. I gained new friends, and most notably, I became prepared for the UP MBA proficiency examination retake.

I had butterflies in my stomach when I again took Financial Accounting, Calculus, Algebra in the proficiency exam. I thought this exam would break or make my MBA dreams. Luckily, I passed the test, and I was admitted to the MBA program.
I felt absolute bliss when I read my name on the list of the accepted students for the ensuing school year.

All the sacrifices and hard work finally paid off.

I passed the MBA application but this is just the beginning of an arduous journey – the dawn of an intellectual adventure! As many Iskolar ng Bayan says, while entering the University of the Philippines Diliman is hard, getting out (to graduate) is harder.

What Is the Graduate Program admission test?

The Graduate Program Admission Test (GPAT) of the University of the Philippines Diliman consists of quantitative math, logic, and reading comprehension. The purpose of GPAT is to screen applicants and make sure that only the eligible applicant can be admitted to the MBA program.

Your GPAT score is one of the most critical elements of your qualification for an MBA, the higher you’re GPAT score, the better your chances of admission to the UP MBA Program.

GPAT scoring is not hard to comprehend when it is adequately explained.

There is no “passing” score to the GPAT; the higher your score is, the greater your chances in MBA admission. Each correct answer will get you 1 point. However, you will get 1?4 or .25 point deduction for each incorrect answer to your final scores
Knowing this information before you enter the GPAT examination means that you know what you’re facing that day.

Be sure to answer the questions you’re comfortable with. Weigh the probability of unsure answers. Often, leaving a question blank is the best option if you are doubtful about some of your answers. However, make sure you answer enough questions for you to have high base scores.

UP MBA Application in 2020

A lot has changed after 2015 – the year of my graduation. The UP MBA part-time program (evening) has now been transferred to UP – Bonifacio Global City (UP-BGC). This move is seen to benefit professionals working in the business districts of Taguig and Makati City. With the move, the tuition fees increase from 2,500 per unit during my time to 4,500 per unit.

Still, lots of aspirants have been asking me for advice even in 2020.

Really, there are no shortcuts on admission. You need to have high GPAT scores and what you write on your application is to achieve something great.

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  1. I truly appreciate this post. I’ve been looking everywhere for this! Thank goodness I found it on Bing. You’ve made my day! Thank you again!

    1. Thanks! I’m delighted that my article helped you. You can contact me directly if you want insights on the UP MBA program. Just add me up on Facebook and follow me on twitter. I’ll be glad to help you!

      1. Hi. Just came across your article. I am a certified public accountant, by profession. I am planning to apply for the UP MBA. What would be the best advice you could give to someone like me to prepare for the exam? Is the curriculum taxing?

        1. Yes, it is very taxing but it is worth your the time and effort. Since you’re a CPA, you’ll just breeze through the accounting part of the Proficiency Exam. However, you still need to pass the GPAT first and it quite difficult especially the quantitative part. You can try to look into the math questions of a GMAT reviewer to to see where you are and what you need to review. If you need my help, you can contact me on my Facebook page. Good luck to your application!

      2. Can I please ask for your GPAT reviewer? Will be taking the GPAT on April! Thank you so much in advance! :-)

  2. very informative…and inspiring… ^_^ I’ll kick off road to business school with the such fueled drive for the new journey… ^_^ Thanks! ^_^

  3. Hello! This post is very helpful especially to all aspiring MBA students like me. I rejoiced when you said we can ask you about the MBA program. I’ll definitely add you up in Facebook and twitter. Thank you so much! God Bless you. :)

  4. can i ask how much was the total tuition cost for the MBA program? Ive always wanted to apply but im not sure if I can handle the tuition :)

    1. Hi! It cost around 17,000 pesos for the 1st and 3rd term, and around 10,000 for the 2nd Term. I’ll post something on the costs in taking an MBA. If you need my help, you can contact me on my Facebook page. Good luck to your application!

  5. Good Morning!

    I just checked the result for GPAT exams taken on 03-15-2014. I see my name in the list of applicants conditionally accepted. I have some questions:

    Pls. follow this link for GPAT results: http://cba.upd.edu.ph/mba/application_center.htm

    1. My name has an asterisk which means I’m “endorsed to another program”. What does that mean?
    2. I opted for Evening program but my name was listed on the Day program. Why is that?
    3. What do i need to bring on the proficiency test on April 5?
    4. What’s the next step after the proficiency test?

    Please enlighten me. I’d so much appreciate your prompt attention. Please reply to my email [email protected]. Thank you.


    1. Hi Christine!

      To answer your question 1 and 2, the UP College of Business Admin have endorsed you to the day program because they see you better-off in that set-up as compared to the evening program. You can still discuss this matter with the College of Business Administration. Look for Ms Ida.

      For your next question: Apart from the permit and markers, bring your A-game on Accounting, Finance, Statistics, Calculus and Algebra. After the exam, just wait for the results and decide if you would want to participate in the Summer Workshops offered by the UP MBA Program.

      Hope this helps! Good Luck

  6. hi! I’m a fresh graduate from SBC-Manila. and I’m planning to apply for the MSFin program of UP-Diliman a few years from now, I would like to ask about the GPAT, the entrance exam, about the quantitative analysis part of the exam. specifically the finance part, which topics about finance could be covered?

    thanks. :)

    1. GPAT quantitative analysis part will cover word problems on algebra and calculus (multiple choice). The Finance Exam is part of the Proficiency Exam, which is different from GPAT. The Proficiency Exam is taken after passing the GPAT. Finance part of the Proficiency Exam will only cover basic finance stuff. Don’t worry about the Proficiency Exam, the UP Diliman School of Business offers summer workshops.

  7. Engr. Archer John Filipino

    Hi! Thank God got to read your posted article. I am due to take the GPAT here in UP Cebu this coming April 26, 2013 having in mind that the exam will just all be more on logic. Glad came across this one, don’t know if there will be a difference here in Cebu and in Dilliman but better yet prepare for it.

    I am a Chemical Engineer by profession with 10 yrs of working experience in various managerial/supervisory positions and now have to go back to a formal school training after my undergrad..what can you advise me? :)

    Will follow you in fb for further inquiry. thanks!

    1. Just study hard and follow your instincts. Thanks for following my page in advance. Just shoot any inquiry and i’ll try to answer it. Good luck in your exam! God bless. Thanks!

    2. Hi Archer!

      Good day!

      I would like to ask about your experience with GPAT in UP Cebu and what preparations did you do. I am also an engineer by profession and I would love to hear about your application process (if you pushed through).

      Hoping to hear from you soon!

  8. Hi! Just want to ask the class schedule for day program and for the evening program? I work from 9am-7:30pm Mon-Fri and im not sure if i can proceed taking it givenmy work sched :(

  9. Hi! I am planning also to take an MBA program at UP Diliman this year, would you mind if you could also send me soft copies of your reviewer? I’d truly appreciate if you could send me one :)

    Email address: [email protected]

    Thank you so much.

  10. Hi Mr. RM.
    I hope you could help me out to review for GPAT (especially for Quantitative).
    I only took Algebra at Statistics during my college days but not Calculus and Accounting.
    Actually I don’t have a business degree prior to my undergrad days but my career is pretty in line with MBA.
    Would my undergrad course matter to my application?
    And also, can you send me a copy of your reviewer for GPAT? [email protected]

    Thank you so much!

  11. good day sir,
    I’ve been reading your posts since last year, and now its just a month before the GPAT.
    You have always inspired me and I wish I could also achieve what you have achieved now.
    With this I am humbly requesting if you could send me a copy of the reviewers that you used of the GPAT and the Proficiency tests as well.
    This would be of great help for me on the advancement of my career. here is my email address godsprincess_29@yahoo. com
    Thank you and God bless you sir

  12. Hi Mr. Rm. Good day!

    Would like to seek your help to review for GPAT exam. I’m applying it here at UP Cebu. I don’t have business degree but presently my work experience is align on business administration. I am taking my chances if I am able to get through. Appreciate if you can help me sort out ideas on how the GPAT is, maybe a reviewer would help? My email ad is [email protected]. Would be thankful for your help. Thank you very much!

  13. Hi! I finally found your post! Can I please ask for your GPAT reviewer? Will be taking the GPAT on April! Hopefully makapasa ako! Thanks!

  14. Good day Mr. Nisperos,

    Thank you for this post – very informative. I am scheduled for GPAT on April 12,2015. I haven’t reviewed anything. I thought the exam will be just like Civil Service Pro. Please send me your reviewers, please, please, please. I really wanted the MBA program. Thanks in advance.

    Email : [email protected]

  15. Hi Mr. RM, good day!

    I’m about to take a gpat exam at UP Cebu this April and maybe you can help me out to review. I don’t have business degree but my work experience is align with business administration. Now, I’m taking my chances if I can get through. Do you mind to send me some of your reviewers when taking gpat? Appreciate it if you can help me, my email ad is [email protected].. Thank you very much!

  16. Hi! A friend linked your website to me :) Thanks for the walk through, it’s very helpful. Is it alright if I also ask for a copy of the reviewers you used? I’m planning on taking the gpat this april. Thanks in advanced sir!

    email- [email protected]

  17. Hi RM,

    Just want to ask if you could also send me the reviewer for the GPAT. It’s only a few weeks from now. And I am quite nervous kc mejo nangangalawang na ata brain cells ko.. haha.. i would really appreciate it if you could send asap. Salamat! :)

  18. Hi RM! I need your help. Can you also send me reviewer for GPAT, I am interested to take MBA as well this coming school year. pls pls Thank you. here is my email: [email protected]. Thank much. Godbless:-)

  19. Hello RM! It’s nice to have stumbled upon your article. I am also about to take the GPAT exam next month. Mejo kinakabahan lang ako sa Proficiency Exam kasi Engineering talaga yung background ko. Anyway, baka naman pwede ding makahingi ng reviewers na ginamit mo? My e-mail is [email protected]. Thanks!

  20. Hi RM!

    I read all of your articles regarding the UP MBA program. I will be taking the GPAT this coming April 12. Your articles are very helpful and have inspired me to review (as I didn’t want to at first). I was hoping you could also send me a copy of the reviewers you used? The last I took an entrance exam was 9 years ago!

    Looking forward to your favorable response. My email ad is [email protected]. Thanks so much in advance!

  21. Hi Sir RM,

    I will be taking the GPAT this coming April 12, 2015. Could you also share to me your reviewers, heres my email adrs : [email protected] …plssssss..

    More power to you and God bless us !!!

  22. Hi Sir RM !!!

    Good day, I will be taking GPAT this April 12, 2015. Could you pls share to me your reviewers.. kindly send to my email … [email protected] ..

    More power to you and God bless usss !!!

  23. Hi Sir, I am an alumna from UP Cebu and I’m planning to take the GPAT on Saturday here in UP Cebu. Thank you so much for that blog, it really helps. I just wanted to ask if you have reviewer which you can share to me? If you have, can you please send it to my e-mail at [email protected]. Thank you.

  24. Hi Sir, I am an alumna from UP Cebu and I’m planning to take the GPAT on Saturday here in UP Cebu. Thank you so much for this blog, it really helps. I just wanted to ask if you have reviewer which you can share to me? If you have, can you please send it to my e-mail at [email protected]. Thank you.

  25. Hi i’ll be taking the GPAT this weekend (12th). I’ve started answering a few reviewers. However I’d like to ask if you can send me some more materials that you used to help you in your review? Thank you very much! email: [email protected]

  26. Hi RM!

    Now that GPAT is done, help us also in reviewing for the Proficiency exam!
    If you have any reviewers, kindly email them. Appreciate it.

    And thanks for helping everyone!

  27. Hi RM,

    Just want to thank you for helping me passed the GPAT last April with the help of your review materials.

    Hope to seek help again by having me some of your reviewers for proficiency exam if you have.

    Thank you very much.


    1. I’m delighted that I helped you in your GPAT! Congratulations! Currently, I don’t have the reviewers with me. In the meantime, just review on Accounting, Calculus, Algebra, Math of Finance and Statistics. Don’t worry on the Proficiency Exams. UPD VSB will hold workshops on the subjects you’ll fail (if ever).

  28. Hi, Thank you for your blog. Would you be kind enough to send me reviewers? I have exams for gpat on June 13, 2015. Many Thanks

  29. zippycootiehonker

    Hi Mr. RM,

    Hope all is well with you!

    I am amazed with your blogpost for your UPD MBA Exams and how you successfully made it through. Thank you for enlightening me as aspiring UPD MBA student. To be honest, I have doubts if I could also surpass it. But, I believe that hardwork and preparation will surely paid off. I am planning to take the admission by early 2016 though. I am diligently researching for the right universities that can help me reach my maximum potential.

    Can you please kindly send as well your reviewers for UPD?

    Thank you so much Sir! Truly, you are a blessing!

    [email protected]

    1. Hi Mina,

      I was also surprised that I graduated from MBA. You’re welcome. I’m delighted as long as I can help people like you. I can attest, hardwork and preparation really is the key. You can download the reviewers here, just subscribe and you’ll redirected to the downloads page.

      Congratulations on your decision to pursue MBA. Good luck!

  30. Hi mr nisperos, glad i browse your blog. I was searching the net for gpat reviewer. Can you pls send me the reviewer? i am planning to take the exam next year. I have a long way of preparing for the exam and i really wanted to take the mba in up. Thanks for your help.

  31. Hello rm!:) i actually graduated last april 2012. BSN. Im working now as a medical representative and im planning to take up MBA in up next school year. I actually started my application in UP MBA. Im kinda afraid since im from medical course. Upon reading your article i saw subjects that we didnt take when i was in college. Like the finance and the tax. We had statistics but not as our concentrated subj. My question is what advice can you give me? I mean can i search for a reviewer and self study? Or does UP have prog for applicants who wants to review first before taking the exam?thanks in advance sir! :)

    1. First, download the reviewers I used in GPAT. You can access it by subscribing to my blog. As for the admission exams, don’t worry on the proficiency exams. Just focus on GPAT first.

      There is no review for the GPAT but there is for the proficiency exam. That is after you pass the GPAT. Message me on Facebook so that I can tell you more details :)

  32. hi sir rm :)

    good day!

    im super glad to have crossed your blog. I am actually preparing my application for GPAT come April 2016 :) is it also okay ifi can have a copy of your reviewers? please :)

    thank you so much in advance sir! :p God bless

    here’s my eadd: [email protected]

  33. Hi Sir,

    I was really looking for any hint on what GPAT Exam would be and luckily I came across on your blog, your experience on getting the UP MBA really inspires me a lot. I’m actually base in Cebu City and like the others, I’m planning to take the GPAT Exam this early 2016. It would really of great help if you could give me any reviewers that would be helpful on this thing.

    Thanks a lot and more power!

    Here’s my email add: [email protected]

  34. hi Rm,

    i’m actually planning in taking MBA at UP Cebu and i was looking in net for some helpful tips on how to review on GPAT,and come across with your blog. As I’ve red the thread, you’ve given some of them the reviewers you used. can you also share it with me? I really like to know, atleast it can help me. :)
    actually I had no Business field exprience, and I’m not a Business related course graduate. But business is my real interest, that is why I wanted to study about it. :)

      1. hi RM,

        already got the copy of your reviewers, thanks for uploading it.
        Just want to ask, if it would be hard for me to pass and be admitted in MBA since I don’t have any business Management experience. Can you give me some advice on how on how to ace it?

    1. Good luck! Let me know if you will need help on proficiency exam. That’s the exam after GPAT. I have reviewers on that but I’m still developing it. Would you be willing to buy a copy in case you will need it? I thinking If I will finish the reviewers. Maybe you can help me on this decision :)

  35. Hi RM! I am also planning to take up MBA in UP. Are the reviewers on your e-book store also the ones you send in our emails if we request them?Or do you have other set of GPAT entrance exam reviewers?Thank you!

  36. Mon Keith de Gucena

    Hi RM,

    I’m currently thinking about taking MBA. I’ve graduated BS Information Technology.

    Working now in a Software Company as a Solution Developer.

    My working experience is 1 year and 6 months.
    Junior Software Engineer at CRM Online Australia Pty. Ltd. – 1 year and 3 months
    Solution Developer at Zendesk – 3 months

    Would like to pursue the MBA part time but it requires 3 years of experience. If I go at full time (1 year experience) will I still able to work? or it is better for me to wait until I have 3 years experience? Not sure the difference but surely full time requires more time.

    Seeking for advise.

    BTW, I really like your blog. It really helps people who wants to pursue MBA at UP. Kudos!

    MK de Gucena

    1. Hi Mon! Some of my colleagues applied for full-time then shifted to part time when the passed the entrance exam. You can try that route. Otherwise, it is difficult to take MBA fulltime and have a day job. I suggest take the exam and go from there once you passed the GPAT and proficiency exams.

      P.S. I need some website development help. Maybe you can help me :) Message me in my Facebook page.. Thanks

  37. Hi RM,

    Thank you for your blog as it’s really very helpful and encouraging.
    Appreciate it much if you can send me an emailed copy of the reviewer also?

    Best regards,

  38. Hi Sir RM,

    I would like to know if you got any idea about UP-Manila’s Master of Management in Business Management (MM-BM)? I am planning it to be my 2nd option for my graduate studies (with MBA as my first option of course). And also, would it be advisable if I’m gonna take my Term 1 at UP-M’s MMBM then transfer to UP-D MBA for Term 2? I wonder if UP-D accepts transferees.

  39. Hi sir can you send me the link for the reviewer you used? I already paid the application fee but honestly, I’m not confident that I could pass the exam. I didn’t have calculus and only basic accounting did I take when I was in college. And my my grades weren’t that good back then ’cause I was a working student. For now, my priority is passing the entrance exam and take it from there. I hope you could help me through it. Thanks

    [email protected]

  40. This is very informative and helpful. I’ll be taking entrance exam for MBA in April this year. Would you mind if I ask a copy of your reviewer? Please send me .

  41. I am planning to consider UP’s MS Finance. I can see based on your post and from the comments that the GPAT is an initial barrier to break before getting in on your preferred UP post-graduate degree. GPAT is composed of logic, quants and reading comprehension, right?

    May I know how many items are being tested on each area? On the logic portion, is it an exam type similar to word analogy, number series, etc?

    May I also know if there are available materials like GPAT guide to understand its contents?

    I would like also to confirm that proficiency tests on finance, algebra, geometry, math of investment, calculus and statistics are required once you passed the GPAT.

    Another confirmation: workshop is required for those who didn’t make it to pass the proficiency test per area. If yes, what’s the duration of this workshop?

    Apologies for having a lot of questions. ?? I may not have read your replies on the previous comments.

    Thanks in advance!

    1. 1. As far as I remember, its 50 points each section in GPAT
      2. Yes there is one available on this blog. Go to the bookstore page to get this for free (I do hope you can post a thank you testimonial for this reviewer)
      3. Yes, proficiency exam is required.
      4. Workshop is not required but it is very helpful to pass the retake.

  42. I am planning to consider UP’s MS Finance. I can see based on your post and from the comments that the GPAT is an initial barrier to break before getting in on your preferred UP post-graduate degree. GPAT is composed of logic, quants and reading comprehension, right?

    May I know how many items are being tested on each area? On the logic portion, is it an exam type similar to word analogy, number series, etc?

    May I also know if there are available materials like GPAT guide to understand its contents?

    I would like also to confirm that proficiency tests on finance, algebra, geometry, math of investment, calculus and statistics are required once you passed the GPAT.

    Another confirmation: workshop is required for those who didn’t make it to pass the proficiency test per area. If yes, what’s the duration of this workshop?

    Apologies for having a lot of questions. ?? I may not have read your replies on the previous comments.

    Thanks in advance!

    1. 1. As far as I remember, its 50 points each section in GPAT
      2. Yes there is one available on this blog. Go to the bookstore page to get this for free (I do hope you can post a thank you testimonial for this reviewer)
      3. Yes, proficiency exam is required.
      4. Workshop is not required but it is very helpful to pass the retake.

    1. Sure, I can send you one. You can download it here rmnisperos.com/bookstore/

      It’s on the bottom part of the page. Good luck.

      BTW, it’s free. I just hope you can comment on facebook page to say thank you and if you are kind enough please post a testimonial also on this blog.

      I do hope you pass and the reviewer can greatly help you in GPAT. Good luck on your MBA Journey

  43. hi, do you have any idea when the proficiency tests and workshops will be conducted for this year? I have a plan to travel on April 16/17. I’m just hesitant to book it as it might land on any tests/workshops. 16 and 17 falls on the weekends by the way.

  44. Kaye Iara De Ocampo

    Hi, RM.

    I am actually planning to take my Master’s Degree in UP Manila. I mean, is it okay to take Master of Management (MM) degree program currently being offered has three areas of competencies: Public Administration, Business Management, and Educational Management, though I am an accounting graduate? UP Manila is the closest UP graduate campus that’s near my residence and job and they don’t offer MBA mismo. Or, should I be taking the MBA perhaps (sa Diliman nga lang)? I really don’t know the difference so I am still confused. Anyway, regarding the requirements, I haven’t take the TOEFL and I never requested the letters mentioned below, were all of the listed strictly required? Brief us about the admission stage. Thank you.
    1. Graduate of a bachelor’s degree

    2. TOEFL score of 500 as required by the graduate school

    3. Reference Letters (2) from employer and former professor

    4. Interview

    5. Passing of a general management examination

    P.S. Your story is very inspiring!


    1. UP MBA i think has more elective courses than the MM version. The core course should be the same. You can check out their courses to see the difference.

      You don’t need a TOEFL since you are a Filipino I suppose. Just a tip, your admission relies on your recommendation letter so be sure to have great reviews from your mentors/bosses.

  45. Hi RM!
    Do you happen to have a reviewer for the 5topics on the proficiency exam? It’s scheduled in a week’s time and i haveno background on some of the topics. Hoping you could help. Thanks a lot.

  46. Hi, sir. I have a question lang. I took the GPAT last April and VSB released the conditionally accepted applicants. If I’m not on that list, does it mean I didn’t make it this year?

  47. Jun Evangelista

    Hi sir RM
    Im so much inspired reading your blog. My long lost interest in taking MBA seem to re-ignited.
    Im now 46, had 20yrs experience in telco but currently unemployed.
    Im planning to take a full time MBA course nx yr if GOD willing.
    Would UPD still require recommendation fr my former superiors?
    Sir, kindly send me also your reviewer for GPAT. I believe this will me pass the entrance.
    Thank you so much and GOD bless

  48. Hi RM,

    Just want to ask if you could also send me the reviewer for the GPAT. I’ve become so much inspired to take MBA upon reading your blog. Your help would be of great part for the advancement of my career.
    I look forward to your response. Here is my email address: [email protected]

  49. Hi there! A newbie here, i was mesmerized for your effort to share your experience iwith us(currently reading your other blogs , hehe but i cnt control myself to drop a comment here. Would you mind if you share your review materials? Thnks a lot!!! [email protected]

  50. Glony Jean Auditor

    This blog is very hepful. Thank you for the free ebook too! :) Anyway, I would like to ask about the schedule. Can GPAT exam be taken within enrollment period? Or there’s a fixed schedule for that and you have to take it on the said schedule only.

  51. Hello Sir, thank you so much for the GPAT reviewer. Too bad i discovered your blog a week after i took the entrance exam. I am scheduled for an interview tomorrow. I wanna be someone like you in the future :)

    God bless you and your career~

  52. Hello! Thanks for this very helpful blog entry! May I please ask how a morning MBA (part-time) schedule looks like? Usually what days and what hours are covered for the classes? Appreciate your response as I’m trying to decide which program to take, I work on flexi night shift that’s why. Thanks so much!

  53. Hi Sir RM,

    Your blog is very helpful to aspiring MBA students like me. Thank you for sharing your experiences. :) I am interested in taking the part-time program. I hope you can help me with these questions:

    1. Is UP strict in following the curriculum specifically, if the term requires you to take 3 subjects, will it be an option to take 1-2 subjects only? I’m just not sure if I will be able to complete 3 subjects per term given my current workload.
    2. How long is each class normally? If the schedule is Tuesday to Friday 6:30pm-9:30pm, does that mean there will be 3 subjects in one day and 4 class meetings for each subject?

    Thank you. :)

    1. Yes, UP MBA is strict on its curriculum. Unless you are approved, you should stick to the curriculum. Though I know some who did what you plan, upon approval.

      Class hours are the one you mentioned. For 2 days, you’ll have 2 class (1.5 hours each) and 1 class on the other 2 days.

  54. Hi Sir RM,

    Thanks for your very informative and helpful blog! A few questions:

    1. Usually, how soon are GPAT results released?

    2. Is there a maximum number of years in completing his/her MBA Evening program?

    3. Is it allowed or possible to limit subject taken per term to just one to two subjects only, not really following the set ideal program study covering three years?

    Your response will be highly appreciated, sir! Thank you!

  55. Good day Sir RM,
    I would like to ask if you have reviewers for the following subjects for me to prepare well for the second exam:
    Financial Accounting
    Math of Finance
    Can you please send to my email, [email protected]? Thank you.

    1. Just wait for the GMAT results first. I may jinx your application. BTW, I have reviewers but I can’t share it to you since I haven’t digitized it. It’s all hard copies.

  56. Hi Sir RM
    I’d like to ask if where GPAT results (as of Feb 2017 exam) is posted? Can’t see it through their website?

  57. Sir – will the final list of admitted applicants only come/be based from the list of conditionally accepted applicants, depending on their proficiency exam results? Your response is appreciated!

  58. As an MBA-grad guy, I didn’t expect a FREE but great quality reviewer. Super thank you for this!! Will be taking the GPAT this 23rd. :)

  59. Hi sir! Been reading your blogs these past few days. I’m planning to take MBA Program in the future (though I’m just 2nd year Business Student as of now.)
    -What can you advice to the students who find it hard to present in front of people?
    -Do I need to work to a large company when applying for the program, if not will it be an advantage?
    -What is the age bracket of your blockmates in your time? (as this will help me a lot in deciding when to apply)
    -How hard MBA is? What is it all about?

    I’m so sorry if most of my question sounds dumb, I have no person to talk to regarding this. Hahaha. Thank you sir! I’m sure I will be back to this blog in the next few years.

    1. 1. You just present. In an MBA program, you will be required to present numerous times and you’ll be confident in no time. Being prepared knowledge-wise can helpful since you are confident that you can answer anything that will be thrown at you.
      2. No. What matters is that your role in a company.
      3. For the age bracket, I have classmates that are in the 20-ish range up to 50-ish. The age bracket is pretty diverse.
      4. It is hard but it is very rewarding and enlightening. The hardest part is not the lessons but the schedule since you will be studying while working at the same time. The second is travel.

  60. Hi, i’m very interested in applying for UP MBA, in fact i’m waiting for the admission to open, and it has always been my dream to go to UP. It’s just that I am not sure if I will be able to pass the admission. I’m currently working as a business analyst for 3 years, and as I have read most of the comments here, they have backgrounds in finance or accounting. As for me, I work in the software development industry. I guess I just wanted to know what are the chances in getting through admission? I am fairly confident with the exams because it’s something that I can work upon, but my undergrad credentials are not in any way impressive at all. Can you give me some advice? I’ll highly appreciate it. Thank you.

    E: [email protected]

    1. Your background doesn’t matter. You can apply for an MBA even if you are in the software development industry. I had colleagues in unusual industries, what matters is that you get high scores on the exam.

  61. Hello po!

    Ask ko lang po if for MBA Day po yung kukunin, if ever na maadmit.. need po ba i’take lahat ng subject? I saw in the website that normally they offer 4 subject for MBA Day per trimester. Or pwede po ba ireduce yung load?

    Thank you so much po!

    Your blogs are so inspiring po! :)

  62. Hello everyone!

    Just in case you are not really luck enough to be admitted in the Cesar Virata MBA Program, you can consider checking Master of Management Program in UP Manila, which you can choose Business Management Track. Or if you are working in your company’s HR Department or want to pursue career related in labor policy and research, the Diploma/Master of Industrial Relations in UP SOLAIR might fit into you. Alternatively, there are a number of graduate programs in UPD, or UP Open University which do not require entrance exams

  63. Hello!!

    I’m very interested in applying for UP MBA program. Just wondering if there’s still a chance for me to get admitted despite my undergraduate degree came from a state university, cum laude graduate. Thank youu!

  64. Hello Sir RM,

    Thank you for publishing your blogs. It definitely helped me anticipate the GPAT. Actually, I took the GPAT today. I think, aside from the proficiency exam, the admission process looks very similar from what you have experienced.

    I have some questions to ask though (as an anxious applicant):
    1. Would you know the acceptance rate of MBA/MS Finance programs?
    2. Is it okay to know what your GPAT results looked like? To be honest, I am in the borderline of “I think I did well but not confidently” and “Did I skip many questions?”

    Thank you in advance!

    1. Hi Ian,

      I can’t generalize but I’ll tell you my experience. When I took the GPAT, they said around 50% passed.

      I didn’t know the grade I had when I passed GPAT. However, I also had the same feeling you mentioned. In fact, I skipped many questions on the quantitative part. I was too afraid for the write minus wrong policy.

  65. Hi Sir RM.

    I’ll be taking the GPAT tomorrow and thank you for your reviewer! I just want to few questions

    1. Are calculators allowed? Scientific or not? Per experience when I took CPALE, only non-programmable calculators are allowed.
    2. Are jeans allowed when taking the exam or should we wear business wear? Sorry my very 1st time applying Masters :'(

    Thank you!

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