5 Best Elevator Pitch Tips for Entrepreneurs

An elevator pitch happens when delivering a persuasive, call-to-action speech to a person in an elevator ride that only span from 30 seconds to 2 minutes.

My Elevator Pitch Tips for Careers Businesses and Relationships will be very useful in scenarios of an accidental meeting with someone very important, not only in an elevator but in anywhere else imaginable for reasons such as gaining investors, getting that dream job or just wanted to connect with a person.

In those few seconds, if done perfectly, could continue in the form of won investments, scheduled meetings, job offers, and that next romantic date.

elevator pitch tips

These elevator pitch tips for careers businesses and relationships stemmed from my experience learning and actually trying to pitch in an Entrepreneurial Startup Weekend conducted by Launch48, a UK Tech Startup Community that aims to incubate entrepreneurs from different parts of the globe in order to accelerate the growth and success of their businesses.  

During the Startup Leadership Weekend, I elevator-pitched some Filipino, European and American angel investors. What I delivered was not perfect but I was able to convince 2 angel investors for my own Startup.

What if I perfected it, would there be more? Based on what I’ve learned and experienced, these Elevator Pitch Tips for Careers Businesses and Relationships can greatly help with your cause.

Elevator Pitch Tip #1: Always Be Ready

You’ll never know when an opportunity will come. As they say, opportunity knocks only once so be ready, wherever and whenever. The challenge is being natural by speaking simply and genuinely,  just like talking to a close friend that you haven’t seen for a long time, in which there is an eagerness that commands an inviting aura.

Elevator Pitch Tip #2: Explain the Need

The reason why you are engaging should be clear and concise, communicating a vivid description of the pains you want to solve. Remember that the window opens only for 30 seconds to 2 minutes. It is critical to explain the need to build interest in your listener and make them care. Cut the crap, straightforward statements usually pays dividends. 

Elevator Pitch Tip #3: Build Credibility

Describe the reasons why you are the right person to solve the problem. Briefly explain how you and your experience and expertise make you the best person to address the need and deliver the solution. Credibility attracts enthusiasm and commitment.  Credible people are what everyone looks for whenever people decide to collaborate with others, work with others and have a relationship with the opposite sex.

Elevator Pitch Tip #4: Be Flexible

Make room for adjustments by modifying depending on the situation. What we hoped for always doesn’t happen so a little flexibility can spell a big difference. It also helps in making pitches aligned to the interests and expertise of your listener. With just a little preparation, anyone can have enough firepower to counter bombs that the listener would throw at you.

Elevator Pitch Tip #5:  Leave Them Wanting More 

Elevator pitches are meant to be short so just focus on the critical factors and don’t pack in too much information.

The secret sauce is what keeps customers coming back and that should also be the case for your listener. Make them come back by shrouding mystery onto yourself and what you offer.

Always end by a call-to-action such as handing the listener a business card and making a listener-targeted request, such as a scheduled meeting or even a date.

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