Online Entrepreneurship Course: Discover the Entrepreneur in You

Do you have what it takes to be an Entrepreneur? If you don’t know, there is an online entrepreneurship course from the University of the Philippines for only 5,500 pesos that assesses yourself to see if you indeed have the qualities of an entrepreneur.

For me, I always had an interest in business and being my own boss. But what I don’t know if I have what it takes to be one.

Luckily, there is an Online Entrepreneurship Course called Personal Entrepreneurial Development (PED) Course of the University of the Philippine Open University that opened my eyes to the world of entrepreneurship. 

It helped me discover myself and see if I have the capability to be an entrepreneur.

This online entrepreneurship course started my journey in business, entrepreneurship, and academic journey.

My first online Business Entrepreneurship Course

Let me share with you my story when I took the PED course.

I enrolled at this UP Online Entrepreneurship Course or formally called the Personal Entrepreneurial Development (PED) Course at the University of the Philippines Open University back in July of 2009.

This online personal development course was my first crack in pursuing post-graduate studies after finishing my undergraduate degree. I just wanted to see if I could study and, at the same time, perform in a full-time job. 

UPOU conducts its courses through distance learning medium. Meaning, I wouldn’t be required to go to class at this online course physically as it thought through an online classroom. I applied to the PED Course to see if I can work and study at the same time. My initial objective: gauge my capabilities.

 At first, I was low balling the distance-learning medium as I see it inferior to the usual in-the-classroom type learning. 

Long behold! It is much difficult. Admission in this distance learning course means learning at your own pace. Self-discipline and time management is needed for a student to finish the course.

The University of the Philippines Open University Personal Entrepreneurial Development (PED) Course forced drastic adjustments on my time spent on leisure, work, and studies. Instead of partying around, I needed to read thick modules. Instead of doing other fun activities in my free time, I needed to answer exams. Indeed, the PED course requires a lot of sacrifices. You’ll even gain bonus lessons on time management self-discipline.

The best part of the course for me, which I think set the stage for me to become what I am now, is the self-assessment exam prepared by top-notch psychologists for assessing the entrepreneurial capabilities. What I learned is that I needed to work on specific abilities for me to become a successful entrepreneur.

The final output of the course is a Personal Action Plan. This plan enabled me to create a road map for my success. 

Here I stated that I need to pursue further studies in the field of business and help people by teaching.

The rest was history as I finished the course with a Distinction after completing all the requirements with flying colors. To my surprise, Personal Entrepreneurial Development conducts commencement exercises similar to university graduations for students who completed the course.

Fast forward to the commencement exercises, inspirational speech on entrepreneurship by Mrs. Cynthia R. Mamon, a multi-awarded CEO in the IT industry, highlighted the event. Mrs. Mamon is the CEO and Managing Director of Sun Microsystems Philippines, Inc. and the Vice President for Sales and Marketing of Enchanted Kingdom. Mrs. Mamon talked about hard work and how she climbed her way into top positions in private corporations and public institutions. I was quite surprised that this notable Makati Business Club member started her humble beginnings at UP Rural High School – the same school I graduated from.

She also talked about opportunities, personal development, and value in the workplace. She even coined a new word for us, which is Spiritreneurship. It is integrating the teachings of God and entrepreneurship. But the thing that I will remember her the most is a quote that she shared during her inspirational speech, which is “good work will lead to more work.” From then on, this certificate course made me realize that this is the start of something big. 

What Happened After my first online entrepreneurship course

I wrote in my Personal Action Plan my goals of further studies and a roadmap of teaching in a premier university. 

Looking back, I’m still getting goosebumps when I realize that PED had so much influence on my future.

Well, I’ve taken the New Enterprise Planning Course the following semester, still at UP Open University. After this, I took a Six Sigma Distance learning course from an institution in India. Not only that, but I also got a Master’s in Business Administration degree from the University of the Philippines Diliman.

To my surprise, I was invited to teach the same course I started my entrepreneurial journey. Never in my dreams that I will come full circle in such a short amount of time. I became the assistant instructor for Personal Entrepreneurial Development in the 1st semester of 2013 and eventually assumed full instructor for PED in the 2nd semester also in 2013. To add as a sweetener, the position was turned over to me by my former professor, Dr. Angela Cielo.

Currently, I now teach two online entrepreneurship courses in the entrepreneurship cluster of the University of the Philippines Open University. These certificate courses are Introduction to Electronic Commerce and New Enterprise Planning Course. My 

Why take UP Open University Personal Entrepreneurial Development Course?

UPOU Personal Entrepreneurial Development (PED) aims to spark entrepreneurial motivations, attitudes, competencies, behavioral characteristics, and other qualities, which gives a head start in future entrepreneurial and life ventures. 

If you need a jolt in life and you want to know yourself deeper. 

Then take the Personal Entrepreneurial Development Course. 

It worked for me. It should work for you too. 

I was nobody when I took PED. Just years after I knew myself from the entrepreneur capability test and seriously took my personal action plan, I became somebody. 

I achieved something great.

How can you take the UP Open University Entrepreneurial Development?

The PED course runs from January to June and July to December of each year. You only need 5,500 pesos to enroll that includes the tuition fee, paper-back issue of the PED modules, and access to the classroom MyPortal.

Upon admission, you’ll be given a thick book about guided modules needed for the entire course. The book contains an exciting self-assessment test to find out what entrepreneurial competencies you excel at and qualities that need development. 

You’ll also be given an online account to access the online classroom. Exams in PED, essay type questions assessing your understanding of the modules, are coursed through the UPOU online classroom. 

Online Entrepreneurship Course Enrollment

Sign the form (CLICK HERE) for more information about the NEP course and other distance learning courses at the University of the Philippines Open University. Inquiries are also very much welcome in UPOU. 

The Author RM Nisperos is a Professor at the University of the Philippines Open University. He previously teaches Personal Entrepreneurial Development Course (Certificate Program) and now teaches New Enterprise Planning Course and Introduction to E-Commerce Course (Certificate Program) and Public Fiscal Administration for Master of Public Management (Masters Program). 

37 thoughts on “Online Entrepreneurship Course: Discover the Entrepreneur in You”

  1. hi. I enrolled at this course. but im having a hard time looking for the course sa portal. my class will be starting tom. can you give me tips sa portal. what to look for etc.

    thank you!

  2. I am planning to take this as well Sir, however, I have few concerns here:

    1. I am an OFW. Will it work for me eventhough I am outside the country? I work in hospitality industry by the way so my schedule isn’t a consistent 9-5 routine.
    2. Is my physical presence needed all throughout this course? Say for example meeting someone or getting the handbooks and modules beforehand from the school itself? Can it be just shipped to my PH address in case?
    3. How can I pay for the fee? Will a bank transfer work?
    4. Say for example I managed to finish the course, is it okay if I won’t make it on the date of the “commencement ceremony”?

    Thank you for the help. Appreciate if you could also reply to me in my email so I will be able to read it. Thanks so much!

    1. Let me answer your concerns:
      1. I have lots of OFW students. Learning is asynchronous. You will learn at your own pace.
      2. No need for physical presence. If there is, those are just optional events.
      3. Bank transfer will work.
      4. There is live streaming of the commencement ceremony

  3. I am very keen to find out your courses which are offered on-line by your University.
    I would be very appreciated if all courses & fees are submitted.

    I also learnt that most of our students are attending various Universities in your country too.

    Please your early responds will be much appreciated.

    Thank you,


    Hi. I’m interested in this course, I want to learn more but I am already old, going 44 this year. Is there an age limit for admission? Thank you

    1. There is no age limit. You can apply even if you are 44. I had students way older than you. It’s just a matter if you are willing to learn and implement. I’ll be there along the way.

  5. michelle corral

    are the books and modules be sent as hard copy or are just e-copy and kami pa ang magprint? tnx

  6. Good day Sir, interesado po ako sa ganitong course. My concern po is, I am 40 years old and I graduated high school 20years ago pa, walang K12 that time. May chance kaya ako?

  7. Good day sir. Interesado po ako sa ganitong course isa po akong BS Entrepreneurship student gusto ko pong ma enhance yung knowledge ko about this course . Sabay sabay ko na po ba itong magpapag-aralan PED, ECOM, NEP, SAFE kapg nagenroll po ako?

    If ever hindi po alin po sa tingin niyo na magandang kunin para maging ready sa Corporate Job?

  8. I am interested. Since I am already starting my online business pero maliit palang. Homemade Food products and 1 year palang. Naisip ko if i-pursue ko ang PED or mag MBA na ako.

    1. My advice is to take PED and assess yourself after. Taking an MBA is really a commitment. You can gauge yourself if you take a 6 months course before embarking in a 2 year program.

  9. Good Day Sir;
    It is very inspirational to have read your message, I am really interested to learn about Entrepreneurship since I am planning to start my own small Business , after being an OFW for such a long time, Will enrollment start on July or is Enrollment still going on?

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