5 Simple Ways to Become Better Influencers

What are the ways to become better influencer?

Everyone is wired to resist change.  It’s in our DNA, our human nature. You can’t change the fact that it is the first reaction to influencing others.

The good thing…

There are ways to pre-empt this objection to influence others according to Brad Holst – principal and executive director at Mandel Communications – in his video about influencing others hosted on Harvard Business Review.

Be Understandable

Messages should be very simple so that the message you want to convey is understood as you mean it. There shouldn’t be any ambiguity so that you can be on the same page with others.  You should use simple words to do this. So just a tip: avoid using jargon! Use simple analogies using stories to convey messages as people are in dire need of great content with value.

Show Value

All people have problems that need solutions. Your role as an influencer is to deliver solutions. People don’t care anything about your background or what you offer. They only care about the solution to how their problems can be solved. Simple as it sounds but showing value starts with defining pain points of your community.

Be Authentic

This is the easiest tip Brad Holst offered in his tips for getting people to influence others. You just need to omit what you aren’t. Do not attempt to someone you are not. People can easily see that. The best thing is you just need to be yourself.

TIP: Just be yourself


These are individuals that people look up to – didn’t become one overnight. They have taken small steps to become who they are.

Here some steps they focused on through the years in strengthening you to become better influencer over others.

1. They are Updated On Trends

One has to be knowledgeable in his/her environment to be its master. Influencers are masters of their environment. They know what’s hot and what is not.

2. They Change the Game

Influencers are the stubborn kind of people because they want things their way. Most of the time, if not all, they want to shake up things to promote change. They are not market followers.

They are market leaders.

Though they follow trends and new technology, the application is what makes them different. Anyone can Google things, only a few use them creatively and innovatively.

3. They are avid networker that continuously build a community

Influencers know that power comes in numbers. Not just networking, influencers build lasting relationships with the people they meet.

We now in a time where contact numbers and addresses are just a search away. These people build trust within their circles.

4. They are Lead Generator Machines

As they put a premium on trust, people who follow influencers are easily persuaded by what they promote. Thus, influencers are factories of leads for the business. Influencing others though is not as simple as it sounds as they have the utmost responsibility to nurture their community.

Influencers choose what they promote for network improvement.

5. They put a premium on their Personal Development

If there are groups of people who believe in the saying “you are dead when you stop learning” – well – influencers are these types of people. They continuously learn as they want a better version of themselves. They believe that if they become better they can make people within their network better version of themselves.

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