Hidden Sanctuary In Mt. Makiling

A Hidden Falls In Mt. Makiling That Still Exist

Wondering if plunging into a natural pool created by a hidden falls in Mt.Makiling is a thing in the past? You’ll be amazed that one still exists, thanks to a hidden falls in Mt. Makiling. Yes, anyone can dive into the basin of this hidden falls in Mt. Makiling! You’ll be surprised that the basin of this hidden falls in Mt. Makiling is 8-foot deep. The natural pool is surprisingly deep where people can dive head-first from the rocks above its basin. I had experiences diving in this natural pool . The drop, the plunge, the ice-cold temperature and the adrenalin rush was priceless.

Hidden Falls In Mt. Makiling

Hidden Falls In Mt. Makiling

I was born and raised in Los Banos Laguna, the town just right at the foot of Mt. Makiling. With my outgoing perspective, it was natural to discover this secluded sanctuary. The exact location of this hidden falls in Mt. Makiling is a secret. Due to conservation purposes, I wouldn’t divulge the exact directions to get there, though I have one clue. This hidden falls in Mt. Makiling can be reached by trekking another 2-3Km ascend diverting from the usual trail after reaching the Flatrocks creek. Just a little below an hour of uphill climb, you can reach this secluded paradise. You’ll be amazed with the lush natural rock formations and the life forms surrounding this hidden falls in Mt. Makiling.

Hidden Falls In Mt. Makiling

Hidden Falls In Mt. Makiling with a 7-Foot Deep Basin

You’ll not be alone in this paradise,  you’ll be able to spot some shrimps, fishes and cone snails, though there are occasional leeches creeping from the rock crevices so beware.  One thing I cannot forget about my trip here. Its ice-cold waters! The temperature seeped unto my bones that caused minor chills! Though eventually, that same temperature relieved the exhaustion from the uphill climb. Definitely, this hidden falls in Mt. Makiling lets you in tune with nature.


  1. Sir, this would be my third time going to makiling (im going this friday), pwede po ba another clue how to get there? pasensya na po, but i only go to makiling’s flatrocks because i want to see that hidden falls so bad.. palaki naman ng palaki ang boulders ng flatrocks kea i find it difficult kung yun tatahakin ko (am i on the right direction?) sundan pataas ang boulders? I hope you could give me any idea, im not as always as strong as a horse but might as well i try ko na din magbakasakali na humingi ng tip sau (HEHE) baka this third time eh makita ko na sya… thank u. BTW, im not a mountaineer, just an individual who appreciates beauty while my eyes can clearly see it. THANK YOU PO.

    1. Author

      Hi Peach! Yeah I think you are on the roght track. Upwards sya and about a kilometer hike. I would love to go back there so maybe I could guide you there.

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