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Benefits of an MBA Degree: The Chuck Norris Effect

This wouldn’t talk about the MBA Degree benefits as written in most MBA related articles in the web. If you are looking for MBA Degree benefits such as professional advancement, career security, and broader professional network, this article isn’t what you’re looking for. This article is about the never-talked-about MBA Degree benefits  – the untold benefits of getting an Part-Time MBA Degree that is.


Previously had difficulty in sleeping? Insomia? Fear not! UP MBA is the answer. MBA bombards you with piles and piles of materials for reading. Just by reading the assigned resources, sleeping will be a breeze especially when the assigned articles/books are as boring as hell. I myself had problems making sleep at night. “Thanks” to my MBA gig, my sleeping troubles are now in the distant past. At nighttime, I’ll just pop-up our assigned reading and.. BOOM! I’ll be asleep right on the second to third page of whatever I am holding.


Being in a part-time UP MBA program means that you’ll come to class 6:30PM to 9:30PM weekly, from Tuesdays to Fridays. When your boss tells you “I’ll authorize, take an overtime”. You can confidently say “I can’t boss, I have MBA classes to attend to”. The downfall is that you need to finish your job on your regular office hours, or else, you’ll risk your 8-5 work and you’ll have all the time to be a full-time MBA student!


Your usual dinner around 7:00PM – 9:00PM will no longer be possible (unless bringing your dinner in class).  More so if you’ll be travelling far from UP Diliman Area. The rush-hour traffic means you can’t utilize the 5:00PM – 6:30PM free time to eat dinner – if time permits, a quick snack maybe. For the first term (trimester) of the UP MBA program, be ready for a weight drop! As you continue the MBA journey, your body will surely adapt to its rigorous time-consuming requirements. Expect to gain back that lost weight. In my case, my weight even got heavier! So if you’ll happy with the initial weight drop from the forced diet, be sure to maintain it with proper exercise and a right diet (difficult!).


One friend invited me to his birthday. I have absolutely no intentions in going but I don’t have a good alibi. What I said, “I’ll study for my MBA Program”. BOOM, EXCUSED! Another friend invited me to a christening event of her daughter. I replied, “I need to catch up on my MBA Readings”. BOOM, EXCUSED! I was forced to go to the province but I am stressed to go (long drive). My excuse, “I’m stressed from my MBA program”. YEAH, EXCUSED! Next time you ran out of reasons (if your on the MBA program), use the magic words.. For sure,it works – RMnisperos CERTIFIED.


One sure thing when you are in the UP MBA program, or any Masteral program, what you say is taken as an absolute truth. The funny thing is: its validity and believability sometimes is just backed up by your inclusion in the Masteral Program or the title as a Master in Business Administration. People will think that it is an expert opinion and your advice will be highly valued.  Surprisingly, kidding up some statements sometimes can be taken as correct statements, which I found very interesting. This is the CHUCK NORRIS EFFECT. When Chuck Norris talks, everybody listens… but won’t not die as image suggest.

This is the gift of being in the UP MBA program – Credibility, Reliability, Knowledge and Wisdom LEVELS UP. The one of the taken for granted MBA Degree Benefits.


Chuck Norris Effect

The Chuck Norris Effect

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