Small Business Ideas 2017

Top 100 Small Business Ideas for 2017

Good News! Business are lucky in 2017 according to experts. If you are running out of business ideas here are the top 100 small business ideas for 2017!

Do you always feel that you easily run out of money same as I do? Or the expenses are too high just like me? Do you feel like I always feel that liabilities are piling up?

Yet, there are still many things that you want to do, such as to travel or buy “something nice” for yourself which you can’t afford.


What if I tell you that you won’t need to worry anymore? The good news is, you could start your very own business—today! This way, you could solve your financial problems and more importantly, you own your time.

Now, here are 100 business ideas that you might find useful. Some of these do not require a big amount of capital. You would only need patience, commitment alongside entrepreneurial skills and values, and you are all set! You could start by you own or you could ring a few relatives and friends to join you.

The business ideas are classified into categories so that you could easily pick one that suits just your taste, so you could earn and be happy about your work at the same time.


This section includes business ideas related to information, communication and technology. Since we are already living in a world full of different technologies that make our lives easier one gadget at a time, and since almost everybody is on the Internet, businesses under cybernetics are good investments.

If you are a techno-geek or if you have the skills on operating gadgets such as cellphones, tablets and computers, this is for you.

Smartphone Repair

If you look around, you would observe that almost everybody has a smartphone these days regardless of brands, which makes smartphone repair as a potential business. You could also install applications from your customer’s choice. All you have to do is find a spot for your business, preferably along sidewalks to attract more customers. With this, your customers would no longer need to buy new ones because everything is now one smartphone repair away.

Computer Repair

Since we are surrounded by technologies, computer repair business is secured. You could repair laptops and desktops, as well as computer processing units, printers, etc. You could also check these gadgets for viruses and malware, and offer other services such as reformatting, operating system upgrading and installation of new helpful software. It would be better if you could have a physical center. When this expands, you could hire other computer experts so you could cater to a wider market.

Online Business

You could sell a range of products from cosmetics, clothing, books, gadgets up to food! If you want to own a business without needing a physical center, online business is for you. All you have to do is select a product (it does not have to be only one), think of a clever business name, photograph your product, post in on social media networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram. These sites also have features on product, business, and page advertisement so if you could spare some cash on these, the better. Through online business, you are just a click away.


If you are looking for a start-up business that would only require a small amount, you could try loading. You could start from as low as P300.00 capital. It would be better if you could offer loading services under just one telecommunication company. Also, loading business is not limited to cellphones. You could also offer loading services for internet use and for online gaming enthusiasts out there.

Computer Rental and Internet Shop

This is a bit costly, but if you have enough capital, you could be assured that Computer Rental and Internet shop is a smart investment. All you have to do is find a preferable location, and you could start with even at least four computer units. Moreover, you could also offer printing and photocopying services.

Gadgets Shop

Gadgets shop also requires a bit costly capital. But then again, this is a smart move. In your gadget shop, you could sell both brand new and second-hand gadgets. You could also trade gadgets! You could exchange a specific model for another model offered by your client. And, to maximize your gadgets shop business, you could also offer gadgets repair and offer loading services. Basically, you could have three businesses put together!


Now, let us move on from cybernetics to a delicious subject— food! There are many times in our lives that we would hear a piece of advice that if we are to set a business, food would be the best idea. I think so, too. Why not? Food is a basic need. People love to eat. So if you have what it takes to make people happy through their stomach, then you could start your food business right now.


You could offer catering services for birthdays, anniversaries, reunions, holidays and other events or celebrations. You would not even need to have an outside office because your office would be your very own home. If you have the necessary cooking supplies and equipment, then congratulations, you are all good.


According to surveys, the most eaten food in the world is bread. So why not follow the surveys? You could sell *pandesal, pande coco*, spanish bread, banana bread, loaf bread, and all other kinds of bread that you could think of. You could start with basic baking supplies and equipment that you would have to upgrade because your breads are so tasty that your market expands.

Pastry Shop

Similar to bakery, you would also be selling products made out from flour. But these are different types of carbohydrates-source. If you like to bake products that do not only taste good, but also look good, this business is for you. In a pastry shop, you could sell cookies, cupcakes and cakes with icings, sprinkles, chocolate chips, marshmallows and other flavorful toppings and decorations. You could also offer beverages such as coffee, hot chocolate, and milk alongside.

Coffee Shop

If you are into caffeine, along with other side beverages, then you should start a coffee shop. You could sell variety of coffee from kapeng barako to espresso. You could design your shop in a way that it would provide the desired ambiance of relaxation. Make people forget their worries in while through a soothing cup of coffee.

Fruits and Vegetables Store

If you are into a healthy diet, this is for you. All you have to do is find a preferable location for your store, alongside markets works, and find a supplier of fresh fruits and vegetables daily. The good thing is that whatever you could not sell, you could also cook and eat, and since we are entrepreneurs—we could also sell!

Mini Mart

You could make people’s grocery shopping lives easier and more convenient by setting up a mini mart at your own village. In this way, people do not have to go to malls or other stores if they could buy in a nearer location. You are also free to select as many products as you want to sell other than food.

Street Food

Street foods are everywhere and people love eating them. So why not start your own street food business as well? It would not require a big capital for starters too. Plus, you could set up right outside your house. You could sell variety of street foods from fish balls to quail eggs with variety of sauce from sweet to spicy. People would buy your food, not just because they are tasty, but also because they are clean.


People also love eating delicacies, such as *puto, suman, bibingka*. So it is also wise to consider delicacies if you plan to engage in a food business. Find a location alongside highways so that people could have something to eat during long trips and as* pasalubong* during visits to friends and relatives. Tourists are also part of the wide market of delicacies as they could bring these delicious food to their homelands.

Water Station

Since water is also a basic need, water station is a viable business. Like mini marts, it would be wise to set up a water station in your own village and you would have your neighbors as your sure customers. You could offer selling, refilling, and with free delivery services in nearby areas.

Fruit Shake Stand

Similar to street foods, you could have your fruit shake stand the front of your house. Since we have a hot climate, a fruit shake stand could help quench thirst. Plus, it is healthy as it is made out from fresh fruits. All you need are variety of fresh fruits such as apple, mango, banana, melon, etc., blender, sugar, honey syrup, milk, paper cups and paper straws, and there you go.

Dirty Ice Cream

Don’t worry dirty ice cream does not necessarily mean that it is dirty. They are home-made or from small manufacturing. Ice cream is one of the most common food present in occasions so you do not have to worry much about your market. You could also experiment on the flavors of your ice cream whether chocolate, vanilla, cheese or fruit-flavored ice creams.

Mini Resto

If you dream of being a chef, and at the same time you want a business, then a mini restaurant is the one for you! This might also need quite a capital but don’t worry, you could gain back your capital easily. You just have to be wise on selecting the location for your resto, preferably alongside campuses, and offices. You could choose your own theme, decorations, and selection of food. Bon appetit!

Roasted Chicken

Chicken remains as one of the all-time favorite dishes. That is why you should also consider setting up a roasted chicken stand. People, especially those in a hurry would no longer need to cook and worry about lunch or dinner. You got their backs.

Rice Wholesale and Retail

Rice is a staple food. It is always present on tables, unless you are on a diet, of course. That is why setting up a rice wholesale and retail is also a viable business. You would not run out of customers.

Vending Machines

If you want a business that would not require your full attention, vending machines are the solutions. You just have to find preferable locations or partner with existing establishment to set your vending machines. People would just drop a five-peso or ten-peso coin and they could have an instant coffee, biscuits or chips.


Filipinos love sinangag and itlog. So why not choose silogan? Sell chicksilog, tocilog, hamsilog, tapagsilog and other silog meals perfect for Filipino taste. Like a mini resto, you just need to find the right location and target customers.

Midnight Snack

Did you ever experience that you are so hungry during late nights or during the earliest hours in the morning and you do not have a place to buy? Why not bunk on to this problem and set up a solution. This would also work if you are more of a night person, or if you know anybody who is. Set up your store at locations with campuses or offices which offer night shifts.

Ice Cream and Pizza Parlor

Ice creams and pizzas are also all-time favorite snacks. If you are into this, then you should set up an ice cream and pizza parlor. It would also be a plus, if you could offer delivery services for studious people and workaholics who would love a bite but could not leave their posts.

Filipino Products

You could both earn and promote Filipino culture through selling Filipino-made products such as kesong puti, kapeng barako, yema cake, delicacies and other food products perfect for *pasalubong *and exports.

Wine House

As much as people want to eat, they also want to party. If you are a wine enthusiast, then you should set up a wine house. Sell variety of wines from alcoholic to non-alcoholic, local or international. Your wine house would have parties started. Just remember not sell to minors!

Recreation and Leisure

From food, let us now move on to other pleasures of life. If you are into art, literature, poetry, music, or any other form of recreational activities, then a business under your recreation and leisure is the right one for you.


As mentioned earlier, people also love to drink and unwind, alone, or with friends. Why not set up a bar which offers both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, alongside some finger foods? You could also hire performers or DJs from time to time to add to the mood of your bar.

Music Studio

If you are personally into music, or if you believe that music could heal the world, then you should have a music studio. Starting solo, duo, or trio performers, and bands, are your primary customers. In your music studio, they could practice for their upcoming gigs and indie recordings.

Lights and Sounds Rental

If you do not want to set up a music studio, then you might also consider light and sounds rental. These are not limited to musical performances but also for theater, parties, and other events and celebrations as well.

Sports Shop

If you are for fitness through sports, then this is the one for you. You could sell various sports equipment including appropriate attires for swimming, running, hiking, badminton, basketball and so on. You could also sell collectibles featuring different sports icons.

Book Shop

On the other hand, if you believe that books will save the world, then you should really start a Book Shop. You could sell brand new and pre-loved books with variety of genres from classics to popular culture. You could also allot a reading are for those who want to have a quiet time, and read.

Musical Lessons

If you are musically-talented, then this is a good opportunity for you not just to earn but to share your skills to others. You could set-up an office to conduct lessons on playing the piano, guitar, or flute, or any other musical instrument of your expertise.

Toy Shop

You are never too old. Why not get in touch with your youth and set up a toy shop? You could sell different toys such as dolls, cooking sets, cards, stuff toys, cars, robots, and many more. Help build others’ childhood while building your future with your earnings.

Novelty Shop

If you are a fan of animes, The Justice League of America, or science-fiction films such as Star Wars, then by all means, start a novelty shop. You could sell comics, collectibles such as action figures and designed merchandises, and many more.

Arts and Crafts

If you believe that there is an artist in each one of us, then you should have an arts and crafts shops. You could sell different arts supplies for people’s inner Leonardo Da Vinci and for Do-It-Yourself projects. Help people get in touch with their creativity.

Artists Hub

This is not a common business but people this is one of the best ideas. An artist hub works similarly to a music studio, a haven for starting artists. You could decide what you want to do with your hub, as long as it would reach its’ goal: to help artists accomplish their projects. You could set up rooms or cubicles field with references for inspiration or a graffiti wall to express their frustrations. Be creative!


Might it be event photography to scenery photography, the choice is all yours. In choosing this business, you just have to invest on cameras and other technologies to better serve your clients. If this expands, you could also hire photographers just like you to meet higher demands.

Personal Gardening

If you have a green thumb, then you might well as considering gardening for profit. You do not need a big capital, you would only need some seeds and basic gardening supplies and equipment and you could start your business at your very own yard. You could plant ornamental plants for decorations and even some fruits and vegetables if you have the means. You could also sell not only your plants, but their seeds too.

Gardening Services

If you want to expand your gardening expertise outside your own yard, then you could start up gardening services. You could beautify others’ gardens and take good care of their plants to provide them a good view when they go home after school or work.


Another good idea on businesses is to bunk on the need for education. With these businesses, you manage to earn and at the same time educate people.

Tutorial Services

If you are knowledgeable on English rhetoric, Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Chemistry and so on, then you could use your knowledge and share them through tutorial services. You could decide your target audience. Your time must also be flexible to meet your clients’ schedules. If this expands, then you could also hire other tutors to accommodate higher number of clients.

Day Care

If you have a background on education, and if you love children, then you should start a Day Care. You could teach your adorable students on basic reading, writing and counting. Plus, you could have lots of recreational activities such as coloring and playing indoors. Isn’t this cute?

Mini Library

This is a good news for book lovers out there! All you need is a good location, somewhere not too crowded but at the same time not too secluded, books, cabinets, a few tables and chairs and you have your mini library. You could decide on the manner of payment, whether it would come from entrance fees or book rentals. Plus, you could also sell books to your customers.

Study Hub

This is a good business to locate along universities. Students spend nights awake, especially during examinations. There is a lot of group work too! Make your study hub convenient for “all-nighter” by providing wi-fi connection and some coffee.


From Education, let us now move on to the animals section. If you have a background on veterinary, poultry or livestock, if you find cats and dogs adorable, then this section is for you.

Pet Shop

This is for the pet lovers out there. You could choose which pets would you like to house. Dogs, cats, and rabbits are good starters for a pet shop. You could also sell pet food and pet toys for these adorable creatures.

Pet Services

If you have a background in veterinary, then you should start your very own pet clinic and tend to pets’ sicknesses and other concerns. If you do not have a medical background, then you could start pet grooming services instead. You could sell tiny clothes or even costumes, shoes, together with certified safe shampoos and soaps.


This is also a good opportunity to invest on. You could have your own poultry house in your back yard if you have the necessary space. Or you could rent a space in a farm for this. You could sell chickens, chicks, and their eggs.


Similar to poultry, you could start with you own backyard if you have the space. But it would be convenient for you to rent a space in a farm if your business grew so you could tend to more animals such as pigs, cows, goats, and so on. If you worry that this would cost you a lot, you could start with a few number of animals.

Home Supplies and Equipment

From taking care of animals, let us now discuss about a business aimed to take care of homes. If you are an interior designer, or at least you have what it takes, or if you are a techno-geek who knows what are the reliable home appliances, then you should start a home supplies and equipment business.


This needs a costly capital, especially if you would need to hire other skilled-workers to help you build furniture. But if you are skilled enough and you have the luxury of time, then you could easily start on you own. Start with a few unique tables and chairs.


If you do not want to make furniture, then you could easily sell them. All you have to do is find a reliable supplier, and you could sell it on your chosen location. The good thing is, you could set themes and look for furniture which suit and you could have them, may it be Medieval, Asian, Modern, and so on.

Appliances Shop

This also need a big capital because you need to invest on appliances. Just make sure that what you would buy and sell are the most useful for customers. You could sell refrigerators, ovens, stove, rice cookers, kettle, coffee maker, air conditions, and so on. Everything is your choice!

Home Depot

In here, you could sell necessary supplies and equipment for making living at home more convenient. You could anything from small appliances to the big ones, supplies and equipment for fixing problems.

Home Decorations

Help decorate homes with your paints, wallpapers, frames, sculptures, mix-and-match beddings, carpets and so on with this business.

Cleaning and Fixing

Laundry Services

This is also a good business to start. You could be one of the solutions for people’s problems with their busy lives. You could offer different services such as machine washing, hand washing, ironing, and so on. Be sure to make clothes stain-free, perfumed, and conditioned. Free delivery services is also a plus.

Appliances Repair

If you have the skills for repair, then you should start with this. All you need are the necessary appliances repair supplies and you could also have your location in your own home. With this business, you could help people save money by not buying new appliances—again.

Clothing and Accessories

If you have a thing for fashion trends, then by all means, start with a clothing and accessories business.


It is either you could make your own or you could sell made jewelries. It would be better if you could make your own jewelries so that you could offer customization services to your clients. Be creative with beads, crystals, and stones so you could make those lovely necklaces, bracelets and earrings people dream of having.

Shoes and Bags Repair

Why buy another when you can fix the problem, right? If you are skilled on basic repairs, then this could be a good business for you. It won’t need a capital as long as you already have the supplies and equipment, and you could do your repairs in your own home.

Gowns and Costumes Rental

Since people value important events and occasions, you could invest on this, start your own gowns and costumes rental store. Help people save their moneys by renting gowns instead than buying new ones that would stay inside the closet forever after wearing. You could rent costumes too, for cosplays, school plays, proms and parties.


If you have this home economics skill, then you are good to start this business by yourself. Use that sewing machine hidden at your garage! If you are not yet skilled to make clothing, you could start with offering alterations services.

Fabric Shop

Help beautify homes and help in the production of beautiful dresses with your fabric shop business. You could sell different colors of fabrics with different designs, thickness and weight. All you need to do is find a reliable supplier for your fabric shop and sell them to suit your customers’ different needs.


Engaging in accommodations businesses require a big capital. However, you could easily gain back your capital with an impressing net profit in at least a year. And, what you have been hearing is true, housing businesses are one of the best investments.

Bedspace and Dormitory

If you have a spare room in your home, or if you have a space at your backyard where you could build a room or two, then you could start with the bedspace business. If you plan to start with dormitory, be sure to locate it along universities or offices for students and starting workers who came from distant places. Normally, bedspaces and dormitories offer a room for 2-4 persons.


This works similarly to bedspace and dormitory, only that the whole room is for rent. In apartments, your clients are more free to do things such as laundry and cooking.

Space for Rent

This is similar to apartments, but for commercial purposes. This means that your business is to provide a space or an office for other businesses.

Bed and Breakfast

Bed and Breakfast works similarly to hotels, motels, and inns. You could start by building a few rooms with different designs so that your clients could choose. Provide some toiletries for convenience and offer breakfast to start their day.


Vehicle Rental Services

This would require a big capital, but if you already have a car or two which you do not often use, or if you know anybody who are willing to rent their car for some days, then you could start from there. If this grew, then you could buy another car. This is a good business and a good investment too. Just carefully plan your security methods to secure the smooth flow of your vehicle rental services.

Car Wash and Repairs

Car wash is also a good business. You just have to find the right location and prepare necessary supplies and equipment for car wash and basic repairs such as water hose, oils, batteries, tires, and so on, then you are all set.

Vehicle Parts and Accessories

This is good news for car enthusiasts. You could help people beautify their cars with your accessories and make them appear to be brand new by selling car parts.

Driving Lessons

Help somebody be a licensed driver with your driving lessons. If you do not have the capital to buy a car, then you could start with clients who already have a car but needs further lessons to be a better driver.

Management and Manpower Agencies

If you have the leadership, networking and management skills, this section is highly recommended for you.

Event Planning and Coordination

If you are an organized person, and is keen on even the smallest details, then you could be an event planner and coordinator. Help people be relieved from their worries on birthday themes, where to get tulips for anniversaries, where is the best location for a garden wedding, and so on. Prepare your notebooks, colored pens, and stickers for this workload!

Travel Agency

If you are knowledgeable on famous tourists’ spots and destinations, then you should start a travel agency. Help people find the right place for those vacations they deserve.

Money Lending

If you like to help people with their financial difficulties or help them buy a house, a car, or start a business, then you could be a money lender. Although this is a risky business, a well-planned security measure would do the deal.

Money Changing

Be part of the economic activity of changing dollars, pounds, yens into pesos. All you have to do is prepare the needed documents and other security measures and you are good.

Advertisement Agency

If you have the skills on networking and marketing, then you should start an advertisement agency. You could offer services such as consultations, or you could produce posters, leaflets, photographs, videos and other advertisement materials for others’ commercial purposes.

Cargo Agency

Does somebody need a lift? Help people drive their belongings to their new offices, or homes. Just familiarize yourself with locations and their safest routes and you are all set.

Insurance Agency

Due to the high costs of medical expenses, it is much safer to be insured to cover fees for accidents. You could do this by tieing up with existing insurance companies and serve as an independent branch at your town.

Communication Specialist Agency

Look for people who are willing to be encoders, transcribers, proofreaders, writers and editors as well as photographers, designers or video editors and build your own network to provide communication-related assistance services.

Sales and Merchandise

Garage Sale

If you think of throwing away your old stuff, then think again. You could make tons of money out of them! Have a garage sale. Persuade your relatives or friends to donate their old stuff too. People would be happy to buy a Gucci Bag for only P300.00

Direct Selling

If you are good with sales talks, then you should be a direct seller. You could sell anything from food supplements to cosmetics. If you do not have the capital to invest on an office at first, you don’t have to worry because you could just keep your products at home for the mean time and utilize social media for product promotion.


If you are located at a tourist hotspot, then you might as well start your souvenir shop. Sell hats, bags, and T-Shirts which would remind them of the memories of the beach.

Boutique Shop

Sell everything you want at your boutique shop. You could have books, accessories, clothes, shoes, and bags. Since this is common, you should find a good location for less competition, but with your target customers.

Baby Supplies Shop

If you find babies cute, then baby supplies shop might suit you. You could sell those tiny baby clothes and costumes, as well as bottles and diapers, and all other that you could think of that a growing baby needs, or at least what their mommies would think of as “aww cute.”

Christian Store

You could help people feed their spirits with this business. Your products are not limited to the Bible, statues of saints, and so on. You could also sell journals, daily reflections, bookmarks and other supplies filled with verses, frames and decorations with inspirational thoughts and many more.

Party Supplies

You could make parties livelier with your party supplies. Sell party hats, balloons, noise makers, goodie bags, and other party needs. With this business, you could help make great memories with families and friends.

Flower Shop

If you are into flowers and you are good with using them for decorations then you should have a flower shop. You could make bouquets for anniversaries and weddings and make the entire floral decorations on various occasions as well.

Vape Shop

You could help smokers quit with your vape shop business. You could also sell e-cigarettes along. Offer different flavors such as apple, strawberry, grapes, and even chocolates too.

Trophy and Medal Shop

Achievers deserve reward. You could make trophies, medals, plaques and other recognition materials that speak “Congratulations for a job well done!”

Antique Shop

Many people are fond of antiques and prefer them than modernist styles. Antiques offer us a sense of time, and make us wonder of the stories and memories in each one. Sell your antique belongings and you could also find suppliers for this business.

Junk Shop

Buy someone else’s trash and find ways to recycle or repair them, then sell. You are not only earning, but you are also saving the environment.

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School and Office Supplies and Services

School and Office Supplies Store

This is another viable business to start with. You could sell a lot of things needed for schools and offices such as notebooks, pens, coloring materials, organizers, and many more. Locate your business along universities and offices as students and desk workers are your primary targets.

Printing Services

Printing Services is also a good business. You could start with printing black and white and colored documents with a few printers. If this expands, then you could also print large quantities of pages, and larger materials too such as posters and tarpaulins. Give it some years and you could print local newspapers too.

Photocopy and Bookbinding Services

This is also a well-known business alongside universities and offices. Invest on photocopying and bookbinding machines and your customers are sure to pile up.

Beauty, Health and Wellness

We are now down to our last section. Since people are now conscious not only of their physical appearance but of their physical health, dwelling on businesses under this section would work out for you.


If you have a thing for cosmetology, then you could build a salon. Start with basic services such as haircuts, eyebrow threading, hair fixing, make up, manicure and pedicure. If this grows then you could have your hair treatment, hair relaxing, hair rebonding, hair cellophane and hair curling services too.

Massage and Spa

The capital for massage and spa depends on you. Some spend millions to build spa and massage centers. If you have the money and you are sure to have this as your business, congratulations. If you do not have the capital, you could start with a small center that offers basic spa and massage. Wait until this business grows and then you could fulfill your dreams of building a larger center.


You would not need a big capital on cosmetics. Also, if you do not have the capital for a center yet, you could sell in front of your house or again, you could use social media to promote your products while keeping them in your closet. Double-checking the sources or suppliers of your cosmetics is a must to establish your credibility. We do not need to damage the skin of our customers, right?


Taking care of the body is also a hard work like taking care of the face. In this business, you could sell variety of lotions such as baby lotions and lotions with different SPFs. You could also sell sunblocks, body oils, body scrub, body salt, and scar removers.


Everybody wants heaven’s scent! Engaging in a perfume business is also wise. You could sell variety of products from local to international, with light fruit-flavored scent to strong scent. You need not be limited to colognes or perfumes only. You could also sell scented candles, aroma, and air purifiers.

Organic Shop

A lot of people are joining the green revolution, not only on their diet but on their choice of cosmetics and toiletries. You could sell make-ups, facial and body creams, and perfumes that are 100% no harmful chemicals. You could also sell food such as coffee beans, cocoa, and chips that are processed with no harmful ingredients. Go green!

Nutrition Club

This is great news for diet-conscious out there. If you have a background on diets, then this might be the one for you. You could build your own nutrition club and you could offer dietary advices as well as sell products aimed to achieve fitness. Just remember that having a diet does not mean not eating at all. Break the social norm on trying to achieve the “dream” body through starvation. Encourage your club to be fit by being healthy.


You could also start a gym! If you have enough money to invest on equipment, better. If you do not, you could still have your gym business with basic equipment. Do not worry. Big things started with small steps.

Physical Fitness Coaching Services

Build a network of physical fitness trainers for your physical fitness coaching services. If it is not yet possible, then you could start with yourself. Look for clients who want a six-pack abs or a flat belly and do the drills!


Build a pharmacy at your very own village for the convenience of your neighbors. So whenever someone is sick, they would no longer need to go to other places for medicines because of your pharmacy.

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