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5 Explosive Lessons Proving Doubters Wrong: Wedding Singer Challenge

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Lights were mostly dim. A few colored spotlights were focused on a stage. There were a couple, a lady wearing a white bridal gown paired by a man styling a 3-piece suit, busy skipping table after table to capture moments with their guest. While most people were feasting on good food, they were all gazing at the stage and waiting for someone to fill the venue with an acoustic music. DAMN! It was me.

I love challenges. I long to prove doubters wrong. Hence, I listed 5 Explosive Lessons Proving Doubters Wrong based from my experience trying to be a Wedding Singer.

I don’t know, but every time I felt I am challenged if feel motivated. I think my limit never hinder my capability. I usually take the challenge and climb over the hump.

That said, I took the challenge to become one of the wedding singers for my friends’ wedding. Some people said I have a decent voice and I have decent guitar skills. But no one ever imagined I could transcend it to a stage. Much more a wedding event. It was just a wild request when we were having a few drinks. I was glad that I took the challenge.

Looking back..

The experience I gained had a valuable impact on my life. Lessons proving doubters wrong can be handy for individuals who had a not-so-good past. I can also certify that these lesson apply for entrepreneurs in improving their business.

Practice and Scrappiness is Key

There is a rule that says if you practice 10,000 hours then you can consider yourself an expert. In reality, its hard to practice that long given the demands of daily tasks and prior appointments. I had a full-time work and I had graduate studies so can’t really have so much time practicing.

Scrappiness isn’t a secret in business and in life, it is a requirement.

This is where scrappiness will be handy. I tried to practice the song in the bathroom or even when I am riding my motorcycle. As for the guitar playing, I try to play as embarrassing as I can  even with people around.

In order to be successful, practice is everything in life or in business. We all see the prestige of  success but behind it is 10,000-hour practice session that resulted in failures and struggles. Scrappiness isn’t a secret in business and in life, it is a requirement.

Timing is Everything

In music, it’s important to have the right rhythm and the right moment. If the notes isn’t made at the right moment, it will be a disaster. The result will be a mess.

Similar to business, every business move should be at the right moment. Any great business idea will not make much if it is too advance for the market or if the market has already shifted to a different focus. In life, if you didn’t time decision, opportunities could very well slip right in front of you.

Mindset coupled by Confidence is the Perfect Match

I don’t have the experience singing on stage. I really don’t. What I did in to have a proper mindset visualizing what I needed to do. Of course, I took confidence as my ally even if I had I could make some mistakes here and there.

Similarly, mindset and confidence is all you need when in business, much more in starting one. In life, you need to muster the confidence to match your people around you. A lot of setbacks are inevitable and embarrassment will always be there.  Mindset and confidence can get past obstacles leaving you with valuable lesson of doing better next time.

Feedback is Key in Improving Yourself

I knew most people liked what I sang on the wedding but there were some that didn’t liked it. I distanced myself in hearing them. Looking back, I should’ve took those criticism at heart so that I can improve.

In life, improvement is the key to succeed. You can  make use of rumors and criticisms thrown at you.

In business, customers are at its core. No business can survive without customers. It’s about giving them the best to get the best result for your business. If your business receives feedback from customers, it shouldn’t be ignored. In fact, it should be the priority for improvement.

Make Fans

I mostly noticed that musicians have fans that are truly engaged. These fans feel that they have a strong connection to musicians that it develops into a synergistic relationship that helps each other. Most often, businesses just finds customer who they can sell to. These result in short-term gains for the brands and doesn’t sustain into a high-return business.

I’m sure I did make some fans when I took the challenge.

Lessons to Prove Doubters Wrong

I was given the honor to sing at my good friends’ wedding reception. The performance went well but It could still get better. Coming from a Corporate Financial Reporting exam (BA211) hours before the event, I never had the time to warm up and practice most of the songs I sang.  To make things worse, I was in the middle of the finals week of my MBA Program in UP Diliman. There were a lot of pending papers to submit, cases to ponder on and exams to review for. Luckily, my wedding singer act was just enough to create a relaxed and heartfelt wedding reception ambiance.


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