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Philippine Childrens Hospital and East Avenue Medical Center | A Day for Cancer-Struck Kids

RMnisperos @ Philippine Children’s Medical Center

Volunteer! Be significant! Make a dent in this world! Yeah (double fist-pump)!!! Do something worthwhile, something that would make a difference. It doesn’t matter how small the gesture is; the important thing is you’ve touched lives. That’s what I did and I assure you, it feels so freakin’ good.  I felt like you’ve had a dose of feel-good potion for your soul.  TRY THIS:

  1.  Search for any charity work nearby and it doesn’t need to be expensive.
  2. Offer any help, maybe through material things or just plain effort from the heart.
  3. Reap your six-figured reward – S.M.I.L.E.S.
  4. (Optional) Celebrate! (over beer?HAHAHA)

Eggs, Eggs and More Eggs!!!!!!!

Months ago, I , along with other volunteers, shared hands in distributing snack bags to ill children confined in Philippine Childrens Hospital and East Avenue Medical Center.   Though it was just a small gesture on my part, it was an experience of a lifetime! By just handing humble snack packs to kids (including their guardian, of course), you can see them oozing with  happiness while revealing their genuine smiles.

Through the help of other volunteers, I had a chance to tag along in a food-distributing activity of Egg Kitchen, an informal initiative of heaven-sent angels in human disguises. Egg Kitchen is sustained  through funding mostly from the UP Diliman Community.

I assisted in distributing snack packs that contain candies, biscuits and of course…. Hard Boiled Eggs. The funny thing is, when we showed  up at hospital rooms,  holding baskets of the snack packs, children’s guardians thought we were selling the stuff.  We had to say,  “its free”, and instantly, they responded with a huge smile; seemingly eager to ask for another pack.

In my experience, the weather, when I helped Egg Kitchen, was crazy hot!  Still, I had a great time soliciting big smiles from ill children, though my shirt was dripping sweat, not to mention my stinky smell.

Take this, if you can just see their current situation, especially children with cancer, a little wink would make your day. But more importantly, children suffering from serious illnesses can be an inspiration and a source of strength. They are forced to fight a battle in life at their very young age; an age when  they should be playing in school with their schoolmates. I wonder, If children can hurdle life-obstacles early in their lives, why can’t most people triumph over simple life-struggles?

With other volunteers

 GO! Stop thinking! Instead of doing some shitty things, do some charity work! You won’t regret it.

Photos courtesy of Egg Kitchen. Thank you Tita Becky and her Daughter!


  1. It’s nice to see people helping out one another. It feels good to be human again. Humanity is being restored little by little by people like you. Please do share awareness more!

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